maine coon cat

Diniktisy, according to zoologists, were divided into two evolutionary branches. The representatives of one of them elongated canines. So there were saber-toothed maine coon cat, related to an extinct genus mahayrodov now. The representatives of the other branches of the canines, in contrast, decreased, and these animals gave rise to a sort of cat, including the modern maine coon cat. Three families – eared seals, true seals and walruses – returned to the sea and live in it. Family remaining in the land – coonskin, bear, dog, Cunha, niverrovye, gienovye and cats – are much faster and zorche their ancestors had developed a more subtle hearing and smell. Three branches of the modern cat family (small cats, big maine coon cat, cheetahs) have ancestors – neofelid. Along with neofelidami also appeared paleofelidy presented by two groups – nimravinami and ancient saber-toothed cats, which lasted about 30 million years. Neofelidy continued to evolve, and about 20 million years ago, an psevdelyurus – very strong and quick for his height. As well as modern cats, he could prey on smaller animals.

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